About Me

About Me

WP_20150811_10_43_04_ProWHO am I? I am a pediatric Registered Nurse, proud mother of a terrier named Duke, and a loving girlfriend fiance.

WHAT is this blog about? One motto I try to live by is to “create the life that you’re eager to wake up to.” This blog is about my journey towards creating that life… one filled with many adventures, constant exploration, DOGS, and new life lessons.

WHY write? I hope to inspire others to create the life that brings them true happiness, one that they’re eager to wake up to. For me, this meant lifestyle changes that required a lot of introspection and ‘figuring out.’ Unlike many other travel bloggers, outdoor activities and vacations were nonexistent in my upbringing. It has required constant conscious effort to push through my comfort zone and venture into parts of the world that I only dreamed of as a child- BUT totally worth it!

Read a more detailed post about my goal of inspiring others HERE.

WHERE? Currently I am located in Los Angeles with my little family. This is my first move away from home. Follow me as I explore the West Coast and try to find my stride as a nurse!


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